Friday, September 25, 2015

Rain, rain go away

It rained so much last night the Madison County fair was canceled. I hope it clears out , I have to go and sell,sell ,sell as Danielle and her mom sold $135 worth of tickets on Wednesday night. 
( Danielle is the former all star manager of the MOAS shelter or as I call her , Hurricane Danielle). 
Thanks guys ! 
Thanks toTara , one of the shelters co-managers , for the link on the shelter page . Tickets for the quilt can be purchased online ! 
After this week of the fair I will be at a adoption event at Pet Sense  in Commerce on October 3rd. There will be cute dogs to play with so I will have to snap another quilt shot with a dog. 
Speaking of dogs and quilts , here is what I am planning on for my next save the animals raffle quilt. I have a Sew Something day in planning for October 20th, here at the farm. I think something in red/black and grey and maybe one cat and one dog but the Billie Lauder's quilt book has creatures great and small in it 
so who knows! 
Sew something great today! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fun at Bark and Wine and donation quilt progress!

@ Boutier Winery , an oasis in the midst of rural Madison County. It is located on Hudson River Road north of Ila. 
The event was a great success and now the quilt is officially launched. I am going to ask the shelter to fix a paypal link for ticket sales on their web page. So far ticket sales are right at $200 , and there are lots of events the shelter plans to attend in the next weeks , like the Madison County Fair , Sept. 22nd through Sept. 26th in Comer Ga. See y'all there !

Sunday , September 20th. 
The quilt at the shelter , me with puppies I won't be adopting. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

MOAS Donation Quilt update


The Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter Donation Quilt tally is at $150! 

 I donated this twin/full log cabin quilt to MOAS , my local animal shelter.
 Tickets are $1ea. 0r  6/$5 
The winning ticket will be drawn at the shelter's "Live Nativity"12/12/15

Thanks Jon Ainbinder ! 

Check out his offer below 

Click his name to meet the man. I met him when he volunteered  as a tennis coach at Athens Christian School.

If you are into social media , Jon on Facebook 

His sense of humor is as big as his heart , he saves souls and 
rescues animals along with wife and love of his life , Marybeth. 
He is a great motivational speaker and passionate about the Lord.  

So glad to call this guy my friend! 

Jon has a unique offer to get some $$$$$ for MOAS

Jon is donating $100 in matching funds. To qualify for matching funds  
at least 25 tickets must be purchased up to 100. 
Same rates as stated above. 

If anyone would like to duplicate Jon's  matching funds offer 
I would be over the moon and fill out all ticket stubs! 

Contact : Amanda 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Animals are my people

I wish I could save them all too.
This is a twin/full log cabin quilt that I have donated to MOAS , my local shelter.
Tickets are $1 or 6/$5 
The drawing for the quilt will be at the shelter's "Live Nativity" 
December 12 , 2015 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

One less move

There is one question I am always asked. How long did that take ? 
Like I want to know , right ? 
The other fav. answer is FOREVER! 
My brain sees shortcuts everywhere. Just drive with me anywhere (;-0 ) and I will take you down a new path. This is my shortcut for cutting half square triangles. For those who stumbled here by accident a half square is a quilting unit  , a square comprised of 2 triangles of fabric , generally half dark and half light , though not always. 
Back to the quilters, if your pattern calls for 600 half squares you may be interested in my "one less move" tutorial. If nothing else , I learned how to made a video with my phone ( yes it's less that 7 seconds) and how to add music to said video. The camera work is thanks to dd , as I am shaky when I am both the camera man and the quilter. 
Next , we have to work on getting my feet out of the scene.

 Trim the 1st edges sparingly , nothing worse than chopping off too much at this stage . 

Sliding move with the ruler. 
Cutting to 2.5" 

One down , 599 to go. jk , I am not making that many. 
Sew Something today !