Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello all, I went to a quilt bee on Monday and picked up some work. Mad wanted this quilt

quilted by anyone but her ! The deatail picture is the same quilt but no flash so the quilting would show up. I did the hussle and got this one done because I got another call about another quilt. This one I picked up today at Joann's . It will be a challenge , it is a old hand pieced wedding ring quilt.

As to other sewing. I am paperpiecing parts of the next Hall County Quilt Guild's raffle quilt. Let me tell you next time I will keep my hand down. The pattern is from the Quilt Mavens and by paperpiecing they mean paper piece the units of a lone star and then y-seam them together. Argggggghhh! Once they are done I will post a picture.

Sweet Dreams


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello all and another one done that has been langishing in my room. This is a technique that gives you a curved block with out sewing curved seams. I learned it when I was at a quilting retreat and the inventer is Lyn D. Johnson, who taught at the retreat. It was not a class but some people in the Sew on Your Own class were making a quilt and it looked fun, so we begged how to make them. that is all for now I need to explore how to arrange my blogger page.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Too Bee Or Not to Bee

Good Morning and Happy MLK day. Today after a trip to the Dr my mom and I will hit Publix where I have been told by a Bee Buddy that Clementines are on sale. This is a picture of my bee , we have been beeing since 1996. We have a few virtual members who have moved to other lands but we keep in touch through a Yahoo list. This is a Cricket's cabin , a very cool place to bee. I am trying to get the hang of having pictures down one side of my blog ( or the other). But they seem to want to all be at the top. So instead of trying for another of a finished quilt I will do another post of it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hooray the attic window is done and is my 1st quilt of 2009. I am very happy with it and as it will go in the quilt show in March I have to make another one as a teaching sample. Not sure what will be in the next windows..... But this one gets to be the sample at the quilt store 'till mid Feb. The pink and purple are some of my own handdyed fabric, which is how is was easy to make the light come in from the left of the piece. This quilt is named "To every thing there is a season"

Gotta go and do 10 other things like my teaching descriptions and make a batch of soap and if I can I want to get a picture of my cows chasing birds in the pasture. They were doing it yesterday as I was getting Sugar saddled and it scared the poop right out of her. Now my old mare , her reaction was to go and roll in the sand. There in lies the difference between a 5 year old and a 25 year old.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day one : Mitered Square Scarf

Ok, Judy in the Dyes I am coming over to blogger, I will spend a few hours ( days ) getting all my old pictures off of Yahoo360 and placing them in my flicker account.

I am posting a picture of me in my Modern Quilt Wrap. This is a free pattern from Knitting Daily. I am teaching a Magical Mitered Square class at Main Steet Yarn and Fibers in Watkinsville , Feb. 15.
I am an avid quilter , dyer of fabric, and a owner of 36 cows , 2 horses, 2 dogs and 10 cats. Luckily I have 100 acres for the critters so I am not the crazy cat lady with them all living in my double wide with me. Not that there is anything wrong with that ( evil grin) . Oh, and 1 kid and 1 husband.
I have a quilt to finish by Tuesday and that is probably why I chose to join blogger at this time. I always like doing the one thing I have no business doing. I am going to walk the dogs and collect the paper , check on my mum and then hopefully quilt my Attic Window Challenge. Wish me luck,