Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day one : Mitered Square Scarf

Ok, Judy in the Dyes I am coming over to blogger, I will spend a few hours ( days ) getting all my old pictures off of Yahoo360 and placing them in my flicker account.

I am posting a picture of me in my Modern Quilt Wrap. This is a free pattern from Knitting Daily. I am teaching a Magical Mitered Square class at Main Steet Yarn and Fibers in Watkinsville , Feb. 15.
I am an avid quilter , dyer of fabric, and a owner of 36 cows , 2 horses, 2 dogs and 10 cats. Luckily I have 100 acres for the critters so I am not the crazy cat lady with them all living in my double wide with me. Not that there is anything wrong with that ( evil grin) . Oh, and 1 kid and 1 husband.
I have a quilt to finish by Tuesday and that is probably why I chose to join blogger at this time. I always like doing the one thing I have no business doing. I am going to walk the dogs and collect the paper , check on my mum and then hopefully quilt my Attic Window Challenge. Wish me luck,

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  1. Ya know, I checked on your blog just last night and was so frustrated because I still couldn't leave a comment. And you know how I always have an opinion! I am so glad that you took my advice, and I hope you will have many happy years here!
    Now go back and finish quilting your Attic Windows!!