Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

It is hard to believe but my baby is 14 ! Actually April 2Nd but we like to drag things out. Today we did family cause after her spend the night this coming Friday , I want to be done with birthday. The cake was really good. It is a recipe off the back of the Hershey's Dark Chocolate cocoa. A regular recipe until I got to the 1 cup of boiling water. The layers were the most even I have ever baked and even if I wasn't allowed to flavor the green icing with mint , it was delicious.
The quilt is from her 6th BD.
Happy Birthday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yeah! I had another quilt to do this week. I love it when you talk with someone on the phone and you feel like you could be friends. Charlotte was referred to me from the Dragonfly quilt shop.They have a regular Longarm person but as she lives away , there is a month turn around time. Maybe I can get the work that comes in in between. And just so you know blogger flipped this photo on its side and I can't seem to change it.

This quilt is Charlotte's first quilt and it is 87 inches square. I told her how impressed I was. She is coming out here to get the quilt Sat and I am going to help her with the binding. When I asked her if she knew how to put on the binding , she said she had the book quilting for dummies. Ya gotta love that answer! The quilt is for her granddaughter's wedding at the end of April.

So this is yet another Disappearing 9 Patch. I used 9 colors of my hand dyes and then played with what I got until I liked it. My plan is to quilt the daylights out of it and send it to my high school alumni weekend auction. I also have several panto's I found on a quilting program , they are different from all the run of the mill ones out there. I need to stitch them out.

Sew have a great day.

Count down to calving season.... I will start looking in earnest in April. The bull came to call in June but I recall that no cows greeted him very enthusiastically for a week or so...

Sew well.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello all
This is a picture of the quilt I made for a customer for her daughters 25th wedding anniversary. The photos are of the babies and of the family over the years. I also use a photo for the label of the customer and her husband. The fabric for the interior of the quilt are the babies crib sheets. I backed them all with interfacing which greatly improved some of them. Some were thin enough to read newsprint through. The quilt below is the first disappearing 9 patch I made. The blocks are small and it really looks quite complicated.
Well my bread dough is done , I am going to add dried fruit and nuts to emulate Publix breakfast bread , yum

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disappearing 9 Patch

Hello all , been busy making 9 patches disappear. I started this quilt on Sat and all thats left is the binding. There is a great tutorial here This is the new swirl pantograph I got in the mail. It was fun but harder than I thought it would be as there are long curves.

Here is what I started with. I had a yard of the pink and yellow . I cut 5" strips as many as I could and put them together as you see here. I would love to do one some oriental fat quarters I have.

Slice through the middle and sew back to gether and then the block is about 14". I set them 3x 4. This quilt will go to my Hall County GUild's charity, Eagle Ranch.
Well all for now. I have amother disappearing 9 patch that I have had for a while. It is really hard to see the 9 patches in it.
Night all

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How fun it is to be googled. I got the following email
"Hi Amanda!
I was going through a back issue of Quilt magazine and I saw your Many Nines quilt. I googled your name to find your Web site and e-mail. I wondered if I could have the pattern for that quilt? I could probably do math and figure it out, but if you already have the dimensions worked out and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd really appreciate it.
You have made some really pretty things!
Becky in Dallas"
I made this quilt she is talking about in 2001 for a guild challenge. That quilt is long gone. I traded it for computer work. Becky's email was another challenge to see if I could map one out in EQ. TA DA!!!
Great Day in the morning ( you see it is still dark here at 5 am but I am optimistic )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here is a picture of my quilt that won a Honorable Mention. The quilt was made using a picture of a spider web. The technique of thread painting is from a book of Libby Leiman.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saving Time ???

Welcome to day light savings time. Now could we just get them to vote and leave it here all year and quit flopping is back for only 3 months. Flipping it back and forth is hard on the heart acc. to Readers Digest.
This quilt is for Kathy's daughter Susann who is expecting her 1st baby in a few weeks. This is an outside of the box design for Kathy.
Ok, thats all for me. Next week I will feature pictures from the quilt show.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Good Saturday morning all! The snow is all gone except in small dark areas of the driveway.
I have to go back to the quilt show today with batteries in the camera this time. Wonders of wonders I got an honorable mention on one quilt. The theme for the ribbons was Sunbonnet Sue and when we work at the show we get a small Sue pin. Mine came with a white button, I thought all the Sue's had a button. LOL took me all day to figure it out.
Anyhow. My pictures today are of a quilt I started 3 years ago at a Peggy Barkle class. You stack 2 nine patches right sides up and cut the wavy curve diagonally across the block. Then swap them around and sew the curve. I liked it before I cut them and was so unhappy with the quilt. I had several junctures that ended awkwardly. Sunflowers to the rescue !
Gotta run.

Friday, March 6, 2009

For what ever reason I can't seem to control where my pictures go. I will have to consult the expert ( Judy in the Dyes ) The rest of the pictures say it all . Lots and lots of white.
Gotta go sew.

More Snow

Good morning , I think. It is 5 am and I have to go and sew do my Yoga and then sew some more before going to work at the quilt show. No electricity for 4 days meant 2 class samples were not done that I want to have at the quilt store booth. I have some more snow pictures to show and then it will be quilts for a few days. This picture is down at the barn and the leaves still on the tree makes for a cool picture.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just had to post again to show the snow.
And to boast that my friend V signed up as a follower.
When we have had all the snow today I will snap some
more pictures.

So here we are in March and this is an attempt to blog more. I have lots of pictures to post and will try and do some each week. The end of next week is the Cotton Patch Quilt show so lost of good fodder for quilts.
On the farm front we are counting down to calving. The babies should start coming in April. We have been without calves since we sold off cows last summer. Good timing as beef prices are at a all time low.
This little shamrock table quilt was paperpieced ( last MArch) and quilted and bound yesterday. I have a quilt for most of the months, I need to find a cool floral quilt for May.
Other good farm news is we have had real rain this past few days. As in 2.7" and still falling.
Keep on quilting.....