Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday's Babies and Mama's

This is Licker and her new baby "Pop". All of Licker's babies have been named after suckers , such as Lolly pop, Cherry , Tootsie. This is her 1st boy.
This is Double Dutch , named by our neighbor Morgan because of her 2 black eyes. The baby is a boy and named Dutch Treat.

This is Ila , born of Peole , born of Tignal. Destination names. So this little girl is Between.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally a couple of quilts

Hi the Black Pearl was so happy to have a couple of quilts to sew. I finished these for the charity my HAll County Guild supports, Eagle Ranch .

On this one I practiced free hand feathers in the borders.

And yes 3 more calves born today. Pictures of them and their mums tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

This is number 4 calf climbing a mountain of dirt. Its a boy and as it has 2 black eyes , I named him Googly Peole . ( the last name is the mom's name. This is a rather blurry picture of one that was born in the night. This is Browny Butterfly.
5 babies and 21 to go......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Newest project

This is my newest project. I found a quilt in a Fons and Porter Magazine ( scanned in below ) and it has been on my mind for a year or more. I used the Attic Window templates by Cheryl Phillips for the first part of the block. Essentially the technique is to sew a folded triangle in between 2 half square triangles. The folded triangle opens into the corner creating an attic window. Then I mitered strips on one side. That was easy , I sewed to the seam of the half squares. All the fabric is my own handdyed . I can't wait to quilt it. This is a detail of the center. I made half sized blocks just like the quilt in the magazine. It adds a lot more interest to the quilt.
This is the picture from the magazine. The scan isn't the best , sorry. I am making 2 more rows as it was very skinny and long. It will be 80 x 90 when I am done. I don't think I want a border , and only a 2 " one if I add one.

I had a fun trip to Clarkesville Ga to a quilt guild yesterday. Their guild came to my Hall County guild for show and tell this month and we returned the favor. The rest of this week I will be getting my DD ready for her Washington DC trip and getting her room painted and valence made while she is gone.
We had another baby calf today and I will get some pictures of it up tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a Girl!

Yeah ! We finally have our 1st calf of the season. Curly Buck had this pretty little girl late last night , she is up, dried off and nursing.
I love it when the babys just wander right up to me and I get to pet them. Their mama's are not so happy about it but CB is a cool cow.

Meet Uno

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flora and fauna

This is some Jasmine that has already gone in my back yard. It covers the lattice that disguises the gas tank that would other wise look like a submarine back there.
Is this not the coolest bee picture ever? I would have called my bee man to catch them but he would have needed a hook and ladder to get to them. My buddy Cricket comment that the bees love me 'cause they made me a heart.
I am working on a quilt that is about ready to get sewn together. I will scan in the picture I saw in a magazine and then show mine made an easier way.
Hope to have baby calf pictures soon , but when I check the cows ( twice a day now ) they look at me like who me ?
Later .

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter , even if your 14 ya still expect a basket of candy and a chocolate bunny ! These are old fashioned azaleas that we planted almost 20 years ago.
And these are the miracle tulips that come back every year only in this spot.

Happy Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

This is the Disappearing 9 patch all quilted but not mailed yet. It goes to my high school for a silent auction. Below is a detailed shot of the quilting, hence the Blowing in the Wind title.
I have a couple of pots of Pansys that have done well this year. Luckily the late cold snap didn't hurt anything. So if we can get past the storm coming today I should have some good pictures of my tulips soon.

My crab apples are full of blooms this year. I guess I will have a billion little apples this fall. They are way in the back yard and the deer can have them .

The man in the moon was not an easy picture. Pretty cool , I just couldn't hold still enough to put the moon where I wanted it in the picture.

Good friday to you all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jewl Box

Good morning and I think we survived the cold snap. Its only 33 out there. I will trudge out to check for cow babies soon and check the azaleas. This quilt is one I quilted for my bee buddy Patty. I actually added the last border and applied the binding. I drew the line at sewing it down ! She brought it to me Sunday and I busted my bum to get it done so I didn't have to FedX it to her.
So happy day. All done. Now to clean the sewing room, not to mention the house and laundry that got ignored.

Check Spelling

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Summer Fun

This little number is to donate to my DD's school fundraiser. They do a jogathon every April . I got this kit from JC on Monday and it's all done. This one is easy to give away as I just made it. Quilts I have had for a while are much harder to part with.
I had my quilt student Kim come today. I have met some of the nicest folks teaching quilting. Kim is learning to paper piece as well as getting fundamental quilting lessons. She is doing quite well , but today she has learned that paper piecing is easier than sewing a straight line on 2 42" strips of fabrics. Last time I had her make 4 patches and today 9 patches. She has sewn 4 12 " paper pieced blocks , they were each in 4 units . Once she has those done will will put them together in a table runner.
That's all folks.