Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its a Girl!

And her name is July. I don't know why there is a line under my words but I am ignoring it. It's a blogger issue. July is a registered Quarter horse. This means she came with papers. She has been with the same family for all but 4 months of her 7 years.
I have been looking for a horse for me ever since we brought home Sugar for my DD. Imagine sharing a horse with your daughter. My oldster is 25 and still going strong , just ask July. So far Little Bit threatens July with bodily harm every time they touch noses over a fence. Then I threaten Little Bit. with some harm and she has been knowing me for 20 years so.....
Took a quiz on Blogger and my animal totem is the Bear:

You enjoy life and are generally in an even tempered mood. As you go from day to day people know they can depend on you for your strength of character. You are not one of those that can easily uproot yourself. You like your territory, and enjoy sharing it with others who mean no harm. All together you are a very kind person. However, there is a flip side to this personality. It is the one that hides until someone or something enters upon the situation with obvious destructive or dangerous intentions. When this happens, your temper is not to be reckoned with. So protective are you over others who you have accepted into your life, you will fight for them and God help the one who dared to try and harm your loved ones. The bear is here to remind you that not every situation calls for a violent response. Sometimes you can get the honey without having to knock the tree down.

That is so apt it would be scary if I wasn't a bear. Just be sure and call me Mrs Bear thank you very much.

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