Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yarn classes

Today I taught this hat class at Main Street Yarns Watkinsville. It's a class called Faux Farisle. Faux because instead of changing colors of yarn , a long color repeat yarn ( Noro Chunky) give you the changes in color. I have a baby sweater started using a more obviously colored yarn and will post pics in progress. This is my entrelac class coming up in September. Entrelac gives you a fabric that appears woven.

Tomorrow is my quilt bee at Sharon's. I am planning to make Pesto Pasta.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Knotwork 9 Patch

This is a pattern by Scarlett Rose that combines patchwork with Celtic Knotwork. This is a detail of the quilting I did using Sally Terry's hooked on feathers technique.
I made a feather in each of the oval patches and did butterflys in the 9 patches.

Now I am working on a broken star quilt using Quiltsmart.
C Ya

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue Linda Cantrell

This 1st image I saw in person a few years back and it depicts Sun Bonnet Sue living in a airstream trailer and hitting bottom in life. It was the most I have ever laughed at a guild meeting. I was delighted to see that Linda has been busy creating Sunbonnet Sue in the movies. Both my dd and dn were fascinated. This is the whole quilt and few of the individual shots to follow.

That's all for the quilts at the show. When I get home I will post some of the interesting purchases I made both at the quilt show and at the local farmers market. Today we hope to hit a Honey festival in black mountain. We also went to the Biltmore House and a wonderful yarn store at the Biltmore Village shops.

Hall County Quilt

Just to mix it up a bit here is Hall County's quilt designed for us by Deb of the quilt Mavens. I made 3 of the center sections , its all paper pieced. More Asheville quilt show. This piece had geode slices glued to it.

Asheville Quilt SHow

This quilt won best of show and it was incredible. I asked a guild member and was told the feathers were handstitched. This was one of 2 quilts in the show with Celtic work.

This face was handpainted and the circles along the edge were very unusual.

This is one of 2 quilts by Ruth Powers who is coming to both Hall County and Cotton Patch in September.

This quilt also has Celtic details

This is Fay Rawls quilt from a class at HallCounty by the Quilt Maven

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Asheville Quilts

Ashville Quilt SHow

The first few quilts are the coolest trapunto quilt.

This is the trapunto quilt with DD in the photo.

Cool applique quilt

I love this setting for marinaers compass blocks.

Cats in a snail trail knot.

This was in the guild shop and was for sale for $500 , it was so cool we had to have a picture.