Sunday, September 27, 2009

quilting job

Here is the latest quilt top that I quilted for hire. This is Lorrie's quilt and I love the black fabric she used. I quilted it with Deb's Swirls.
Lorrie has another top that she had me estimate. Its a custom job , 2 thread changes and multiple designs. I have my Celtic 4 patch on the frame now and am so happy with it. I am quilting a design in the center of the 4 patches and free form feathers in the Celtic patches.
More rain yesterday meant no horse lesson and no visit to the little local festival. I quilted and we watched Ghost Whisperer , recorded from Friday night. I watched a movie called Sliding Doors , a strange Gwenneth Paltro flick. The scenario is that the girlfriend comes home to find her boyfriend in bed with his old flame but with a 2ND plot of what would have happened if she hadn't caught the 1st train and didn't get home in time to catch him.
So today is much cooler and hopefully we can get in a ride this afternoon.
Its supposed to be fall like next week , I hope so I am tired of sweating it up just saddling the horse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots going on in the quilt room

This is Kathy Jo's newest creation that I am in process of quilting .
This is the 1st Build a Better Log cabin. I donated it to Habitat for Humanity. That was the last time I did that as the auctioneer started the bidding at $25.

I have several projects in process and nothing close to done . This is a Build a Better Log Cabin class project. I have to make a house block for the center. This is Celtic Quilt made like the table runner , the oval sections are appliques on with bias along the edge. And just like the table runner I cut out fabric from behind the ovals and can make something with those as well. I saw the quilt in Quiltmaker this summer and tried it with celtic instead of piecing it.

This is what I am doing with what I cut out from behind the oval sections from the table runner. This will stop here , and not be the never ending project.

Many events on the horizen. I have a class with Ruth Powers on Saturday.

I also hope to visit Gwinnett Guild next week and hear Linda McCuen , look here for a small snippet of Linda award winning quilt Bella.
so I am keeping busy as you can see....


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soy Batiking at Judyinthedyes

Last week I journeyed to Gainesville to Judy's place to try Soy Batiking. All I can say is I am hooked. I need to start finding the supplies , like an electric skillet to melt the wax and creative things to dip in the wax to stamp on my fabric. This is a Tjap and is dipped in the wax and stamped on the fabric.

Me stamping , head must be at weird angle just for photographing purposes.

Applying the thickened dye to the pieces was like finger painting as a child. Nice and goopy.

My finished pieces were a lot lighter than I would have liked and the green disappeared from the turtle piece. But all in all I love them.

Fun fun fun