Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lots going on in the quilt room

This is Kathy Jo's newest creation that I am in process of quilting .
This is the 1st Build a Better Log cabin. I donated it to Habitat for Humanity. That was the last time I did that as the auctioneer started the bidding at $25.

I have several projects in process and nothing close to done . This is a Build a Better Log Cabin class project. I have to make a house block for the center. This is Celtic Quilt made like the table runner , the oval sections are appliques on with bias along the edge. And just like the table runner I cut out fabric from behind the ovals and can make something with those as well. I saw the quilt in Quiltmaker this summer and tried it with celtic instead of piecing it.

This is what I am doing with what I cut out from behind the oval sections from the table runner. This will stop here , and not be the never ending project.

Many events on the horizen. I have a class with Ruth Powers on Saturday. http://www.ruthpowersartquilts.com/

I also hope to visit Gwinnett Guild next week and hear Linda McCuen , look here for a small snippet of Linda award winning quilt Bella.
so I am keeping busy as you can see....


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