Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Bee or Not to Bee

How to describe the bee? Beeing has become a verb to us. How many different ways can we use the word bee? We have been beeing since '99 or so. We met at the Athens Mothers Center and were drawn together by knitting then quilting. We knit , we quilt , we sew you get the drift. One of our founding members moved to DC and can't Bee with us so we mailed her a care package. The little quilted bag is from me. Kathy included the Graduation Bee. Kris put in a notepad of paper made from poo. Cricket put in a wooden bird ornament. Victoria contributed a dishcloth.
Here is Cricket and Karin , can you tell Cricket isn't happy to be photographed? This is her cool cabin where we get to Bee in when her parents aren't visiting.

we are 12 in number and plan to bee forever.
Just spellchecked and the only words mispelled are BEE words.
Bee there aloha.....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Irish Chain

This is a quilt I quilted for Shelia. She is new to quilting and did a good job on this Irish Chain. I quilted a shamrock in the white squares and stippled the rest. Once the red binding is sewn on it will look great.
My Too Bee ( or not to bee) met yesterday and I will have pictures from Crickets Cabin soon. We determined that we have been beeing officially since '98 or '99 depending on how we look at it. We all met at Athens Mother Center.
The plan is to survive motherhood , hot flashes , grandchildren and old age together. We are 12 years into it and have members who have moved away but still stay in touch and one who commutes from Gainesville.
So there..............

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buds from the Past

This beautiful quilt is a memory quilt made by Cathy Rowan. This quilt is for her sister who lost her son several years ago. Cathy used to come to Cotton Patch guild , we would see her and her exquisitely hand quilted quilts at the show every 2 years. I was so happy to hear from her and found out she works in downtown Athens now so I plan to get her back to the guild meetings. She is such a hoot. I met her at Dragonfly Quilt Shop last Thursday , where she offered to stay and heckle me as I taught a quilt class.

I have several more posts to come . I have lots of quilts to get quilted. I also am Social Chair at the guild and we are decorating the tables for prizes this year. Guess who is making the prizes? Almost done with them and I have a huge bite out of my Christmas list too. There was a Artists Market in Danielsville last week and I got gifts for a lot of people. I like buying things other artists have made.
The cows are getting another bath today. They have been so sparky lately. I was walking fence yesterday , trying to figure out how one ended up in my in laws driveway. The whole herd ( 31 ) followed me , imagine 31 1000 pound animals galloping and bucking around the pasture. We also have been invaded by 3 new horses over across the creek and that is freaking my horses out. The good news is with the new fence on the other side of the creek my cows won't be able to get out as easily.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cold Sassy Quilt Class

I taught my Knotwork 9 Patch Celtic Table Runner ( pattern by Scarlett Rose ) to the Cold Sassy Quilt Guild last Saturday. I was their guest speaker in October and came back to teach these fun girls Celtic. I had 2 more class members who audited the class. Once I get all my computer issues put to bed I plan to take photos of how to apply the Celtic bias to the curved pieces so the gals have a reference for theirs.
My new computer is nice and yes I have windows 7. I haven't figured out yet how to snap two windows up at the same time like they do on TV. I have been too busy carrying the tower back to Best Buy as I can't download any large file due to my DIAL UP Modem. Chris at Best Buy was appalled that I can't get any other kind of service, he said 3rd world countries have more options than this poor farmer in Ila.
Gotta run the kid to school. I am hanging spme of my Christmas quilts at my library today. Pictures soon.