Friday, November 13, 2009

Cold Sassy Quilt Class

I taught my Knotwork 9 Patch Celtic Table Runner ( pattern by Scarlett Rose ) to the Cold Sassy Quilt Guild last Saturday. I was their guest speaker in October and came back to teach these fun girls Celtic. I had 2 more class members who audited the class. Once I get all my computer issues put to bed I plan to take photos of how to apply the Celtic bias to the curved pieces so the gals have a reference for theirs.
My new computer is nice and yes I have windows 7. I haven't figured out yet how to snap two windows up at the same time like they do on TV. I have been too busy carrying the tower back to Best Buy as I can't download any large file due to my DIAL UP Modem. Chris at Best Buy was appalled that I can't get any other kind of service, he said 3rd world countries have more options than this poor farmer in Ila.
Gotta run the kid to school. I am hanging spme of my Christmas quilts at my library today. Pictures soon.

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