Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am laughing this morning at Judy's blog title " Yikes ". Judy stepped into a mess by posting about cutting up an old quilt. Judy, I guess you didn't know that the only other thing you can get that many responses from would be a discussion about copyright law on the back of your favorite pattern. Just to get it started my particular favorite is when a pattern states that not only may I not make copies and pass them out to my friends I also may not sell anything made from said pattern. Oh , don't get me started. But cutting up an old quilt can rile the lurkers for sure. Even if it has burn holes and chunks missing. Have fun with it !

As to me I am going to post my pictures on day 2 of Jan 31st as I have none to share. I am dyeing baking for a new quilt and am sewing blocks for my Bonnie Hunter no longer a mystery quilt. ( the issue with the reveal came out already. So once I get down to my room I will post pictures.
Its raining again and so the horses will not get new shoes. We have ridden twice this week but yesterday was cold and overcast. It's amazing what a difference there is between 45 with and without sun.
I am off to feed horses and maybe take a picture or 3 in my room.

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  1. HaHa!!! Yes, the lurkers and non-lurkers came out of the woodwork, didn't they?!!! LOL The aforementioned vintage quilt is now adorning the back of the church pew in our foyer....perhaps the fabric is too brittle to withstand wear and 'tear'! Dunno!!!