Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just had to post again to show the snow.
And to boast that my friend V signed up as a follower.
When we have had all the snow today I will snap some
more pictures.

So here we are in March and this is an attempt to blog more. I have lots of pictures to post and will try and do some each week. The end of next week is the Cotton Patch Quilt show so lost of good fodder for quilts.
On the farm front we are counting down to calving. The babies should start coming in April. We have been without calves since we sold off cows last summer. Good timing as beef prices are at a all time low.
This little shamrock table quilt was paperpieced ( last MArch) and quilted and bound yesterday. I have a quilt for most of the months, I need to find a cool floral quilt for May.
Other good farm news is we have had real rain this past few days. As in 2.7" and still falling.
Keep on quilting.....