Friday, April 10, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

This is the Disappearing 9 patch all quilted but not mailed yet. It goes to my high school for a silent auction. Below is a detailed shot of the quilting, hence the Blowing in the Wind title.
I have a couple of pots of Pansys that have done well this year. Luckily the late cold snap didn't hurt anything. So if we can get past the storm coming today I should have some good pictures of my tulips soon.

My crab apples are full of blooms this year. I guess I will have a billion little apples this fall. They are way in the back yard and the deer can have them .

The man in the moon was not an easy picture. Pretty cool , I just couldn't hold still enough to put the moon where I wanted it in the picture.

Good friday to you all.