Friday, May 1, 2009

This is the newest baby, a boy ,Parka born of Hoodee.
This is a very new baby, it was so big we had to help. This was the 1st time DD really saw a birth and she was overwhelmed. This cow is named Old Cow with White Udder. Her baby has 2 white feet so his name is Footey.

This is Ila , and her had her 1st baby with no problems. His name is Daniel. The names are destinations , Ila's mom is Peole as small burg in the county. Ila is a major city with a 4 way stop. Danielsville is the county seat.

Not all babies make it, poor Cowgirl's baby was dead yesterday and we had to have the vet. out for Old White Udder , who went down with Milk Fever .
I am almost done with the top of the Attic Window/mitered squares quilt. All these cows are getting in my way of sewing.