Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have been busy

Remember I was told that June was clean your sewing room month. And I sometimes do as I am told. My room is now so organized its almost sickening. Here is one of my sewing areas. Here is my small White Sewing machine set up on the cutting /dye table. It is the one I drag to workshops unless its a machine quilting workshop.
This is the main chair and the Viking. I am working on several projects at once of course. Thats the only way to get anything done.

This is one of the current projects. I got fat quarters in an exchange at the Hall County meeting on the 5th of July. They are now in this log cabin table runner top awaiting quilting. I needed to practise my log cabin class that I would like to teach sometime in the fall. Its a very different way of cutting a log cabin and I have to do a lot of practice table runners to be able to write up the class. Funny thing about this quilt. DD told me I confuse her calling it a log cabin table runner she said " I don't see any Log Cabin in that quilt , mama." It is hard to see in my picture but the border print is a wonderful Jiney Beyer print.

More of my clean room and other projects tomorrow or ....