Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Asheville Quilts

Ashville Quilt SHow

The first few quilts are the coolest trapunto quilt.

This is the trapunto quilt with DD in the photo.

Cool applique quilt

I love this setting for marinaers compass blocks.

Cats in a snail trail knot.

This was in the guild shop and was for sale for $500 , it was so cool we had to have a picture.

More Brenda

Here are more of Brenda's quilts but go to and see more. You can't get a better web page , it is full of great quilts and great directions to make those quilts.

One of the best tips Brenda offered was using pieces from some UFO ( unfinished object , who you ??) as you leaders and finishers. Now if you like me I didn't know those little scraps of fabric I am supposed to stick under the needle as I am done sewing a block even had a name. They are already saving you thread but now they are also finishing a 2nd quilt ofr you. Even if you don't have a UFO ( yes me ) you can sew squares togther and create a scrap quilt from all your quilts. How cool is that.

More Brenda

Here are some more of the quilts from Brenda . Most all these quilt patterns are available on her web page. SHe has also been in several Quilt Maker MAgazines. The July August Quiltmaker has the beginning of her newest Mystery Quilt. Not sure why blogger likes my words underlined but. I can't make it stop.

More to come as I have Asheville Quilt show pictures too.