Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Bee or Not to Bee

How to describe the bee? Beeing has become a verb to us. How many different ways can we use the word bee? We have been beeing since '99 or so. We met at the Athens Mothers Center and were drawn together by knitting then quilting. We knit , we quilt , we sew you get the drift. One of our founding members moved to DC and can't Bee with us so we mailed her a care package. The little quilted bag is from me. Kathy included the Graduation Bee. Kris put in a notepad of paper made from poo. Cricket put in a wooden bird ornament. Victoria contributed a dishcloth.
Here is Cricket and Karin , can you tell Cricket isn't happy to be photographed? This is her cool cabin where we get to Bee in when her parents aren't visiting.

we are 12 in number and plan to bee forever.
Just spellchecked and the only words mispelled are BEE words.
Bee there aloha.....