Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Years Resolutions

You know how we are supposed to have resolutions? Well who says they have to be lofty? This quilt has been done for months but I was supposed to give Scarlett the fabric amounts and layout so she can make my quilt into a pattern. I blame the delay on a computer crash and Christmas.....

I heard of a couple who adopted 2 little brothers and challenged Kathy Jo to make one of the boys a quilt. ( The couple is friends with her DD)  She made 2 tops before I got mine done. Her's is next on the quilt frame. This fabric came from Joann's and features 3 Blind Mice.

Its been a very different week of weather . 60's and sunny after 17 is quite a dicotomy. I got to ride 2 times this week. Thankfully I only got an inch of rain this week but more is coming.
More resoultions have been marked off the list.  New quilting brouchures ( all due to the new computer ) are in the works. I hate figuring out new programs. Then figuring out in mid print for DD that the new printer ink I bought was the wrong one.  The best new year resolution is getting my house clean. Hopefully next week I will get the cleaning crew in to clean. They will come twice a month , so its an on going resolution.
Next ? TAXES

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