Sunday, April 11, 2010


Calving season started early this year with twin girls born to Mrs Licker. her previous prodgeny have been called Lolly Pop , Cherry Pop, and Tootsie Pop. As these girls required a call to the Vet. they rate special names. The Vet. asked me if Mrs Licker was a rowdy cow or would I be able to give her calcium if needed.
 Here is Rowdy

  Her sister is Grace as she is Sunday's child. So far Rowdy has figured out the teat situation but Grace is smarter and drinks from the handy bottle. Pray for them, they are at least 2 weeks premature and it was crowded in the womb so their legs are a bit off. Hopefully time will sort that out , else they may need braces for their legs .

I need to sew today as riding the horse this morning didn't work out.
Wish me luck on that.

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