Sunday, November 7, 2010


When I was in art class in 7th and 8th class I learned how to draw in perspective . Woopy do. That woman almost throttled my artistic abilities for life. Seriously , making crepe paper twistys stuck on with paste in 1st grade was more creative . God bless Mrs. Melcher.
These days I am into 3-d quilting . I have always liked trapunto . That's where your quilt is stuffed with an extra layer of batting. Now I am drawn to adding dimension with extra layers of fabric folded to create curves.
The photo of gold and maroon is a placemat from a pattern called Desert Rose. Annette is a talented quilter and her patterns are great. I am teaching the Peeled back patch work technique at Dragonfly quilt shop on Nov. 16th. The Dresden plate block is from a magazine. After seeing the pattern again( I pulled it out of my magazine to make one day ) in a borrowed magazine I knew I had to make it .
Each section of the plate has a folded triangle sewn into it and then opened up in-between. I am making 5 as my table is round a table runner isn't enough.

At home on the farm ............

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello all
There are more quilting books out there than you can shake a stick at. every once in a while I just can't help myself , I buy one. I would rather spend my money on paintsticks and fabric dye than on a book so if I buy one and use the expression " it makes my teeth sweat" then sit up and listen. The fact that I am enjoying geometry is enough to make the world spin backwards.

Jenny Raymont is a funny lady . Her book, Tucks and Textures Two is a manual not a pattern book. I saw a quilt at Cold Sassy Quilt Guild made by Ann, the Circle Square Quilter .

Once I got the book I realized I would have to study and practice the techniques in this book. . Being a rather practical person I had to have a purpose to my practicing . So far I have made the easier of the shapes and started putting together a bolster pillow , that is the flat blue object in the photos.

Have a great day!