Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mystery Quilt Revealed

This is my Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. Bonnie came to  Hall County Quilt Guild in October ( I think) This is her newest Mystery and was published in Quiltmaker magazine in installments. I set mine with aqua triangles and used a black border so mine doens't look like Christmas. Bonnie's quilt is called Chistmas Lights and was quilted all over with a motif that looked like the lights for a Christmas tree.

It was fun, I have never been brave enough to try a Mystery Quilt. In such a quilt project you are at the mercy of the designers description of the fabric choices as well as the instructions for assembling the blocks. Since I did  meet Bonnie before embarking on this voyage , I felt some what  assured I would end up with a quilt I liked. However, mid way through as I looked at those 2 very different quilt blocks I was really not sure at all. I am amazed at how great they look together in this quilt. This put a serious dent in my already meager stash and I only have one more UFO . This is all part of my master plan to start working my way the Quilting Arts Magazines with Kathy Jo. The other plan is to sew up patterns I have on hand . Tune in next time for pictures of my funky purse made with mesh screening.