Friday, March 19, 2010

One Step Closer

Dharma came thru with a great Tjap , a tool used to make Batiks. So I am one step closer to making my own batiks with soy wax. Note, the retayne product in the back ground. That is good for washing any quilt  to remove excess dye. I wash my hand dyes 3-4 times , but they still have residue. I have a couple of quilts I need to wash to get rid  of the excess dye. I have used  Synthapol , the concentratred soap I use on my fabric but the Retayn will make the dye stay in place instead of just removing the excess dye.
Now if I can just go to my room and work with out any animals needing rescued , fed , doctored, or hugged this will be a good day.