Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time no Blog

Look Ma , no blog (for quite some time.) I am happy to report that the farm now has 20 healthy baby calves and the rain has continued so there is lots of grass to feed the mama's. This is a picture of my Blue Challenge for the quilt guild. I took a class with Eve Agee and just had to practice what I learned. Thread painting is the reason I bought a top sewing machine years ago. I am not into embroidery machines where all you do is thread it up and push a button. With this technique the sky is the limit.

While I was snapping pics I snapped this shot of the watermelon slices I made a few years ago. They are the same size its just trick photography.  On the agenda for July is Soy Wax batik so check back soon in later this summer for some results.