Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finished Objects !

Finishing the quilting on any project is  bittersweet. Yes , it's done with a sigh of relief but there is tiny little flicker of regret as you take that last stitch. These great quilts belong to Laurie. This 1st is one of the 1st quilts she made ( brave girl) so it has a special place in her heart . I had a lot of fun quilting this one and a few heart stopping moments ( quilts with white fabric scare me )

This is a free motion flower. I marked the center and made my "flames " into each of the 4 corners then one in between each of those.
 In the black and white sashings it was fun to doodle leaves and loops and little flowers.
 My spiral is limited by the size of my machine so in each corner of the spiral there is a leaf to fill in the space.
The border has 2 designs , the black and white echos the sashing quilting and the outer border are my feathers following the Sally Terry method.

 This quilt is much brighter , as you can see from the detail picture below. It is a bow tie quilt , don't the bow ties just dance across the quilt ?
I am working on a class sample of a 3-d type block that can be set as a bow tie quilt . Inspiration struck as I was making the sample blocks and looking at this quilt on the design wall. 
Use your imagination ! Can you see future blocks made with identical fabric in 2 corners to make 3-D Bowties ?
Happy July , y'all !