Monday, January 2, 2012


So what are your resolutions for 2012? I made a list of semi started quilt projects to finish in 2012. I have a quilt group that we put $2 in the "kitty" (  a plastic jar )  for each unfinished object we hope to complete by the following Dec. If the project was unfinished the money stayed in the kitty . We went out to lunch in December and  it was  hilarious to listen to  " hmmm, what project was that ? " Yeah, resolutions  can go astray.
 Have you made a resolution to get fit in 2012 ? Of course with fitness we can all just order a device that makes our midsection contract as we walk around , work on the computer etc. I can just imagine cutting out a quilt  while this belt makes my abdominals contract. Of course the person on TV was smiling and happy every time she got zapped.
 As to  other resolutions , I want to explore making complex cloth. That sounds rather lofty , it means drawing ,painting and wadding and dyeing  the fabric , hopefully liking the result enough to make something out of it.   I have a stack of Quilt Magazines in which I have dog eared  the techniques  I plan to try.
I have a  knitting project that  I would like to finish , before the spring thaw  ; fingerless gloves , sans  pattern. My  friend ," A" , who has knitted since birth,  is extracting the "how to"  out of her  head and explaining to me how to knit the gloves . So far, I have ripped mine out 4 times but I finally  made it past the thumb to the pinkie . I am using sock yarn and I wanted a tight fabric, so I am using  a size 2 needle  .  I started with 50 stitches ( about 10 stitches less than I would use for a sock )  and ribbed about 2 inches, switched to just knitting ( stockinet) and by looking at my hand , I decided to knit a few rounds before starting a gusset  (increases)  for my thumb. The gusset is formed by adding a stitch every other round  at the beginning and end of the round , moving the increase over one stitch each time. I did find that putting a stitch marker on the 1st needle helped me remember to do the increase on the last needle , as I would see it as I came around the last needle and not have to rip back and do the increase. "A'' said the number of increases needed was about 1/4 of the total.  Note, I said about. I increased 11 times and it looked big enough. Then I used a  piece of cotton yarn to place those extra stitches on and continued knitting in the round  until I reached  the pinkie. The pinkie is set lower down so after leaving those 10 stitches on a holder , I knitted 4 rounds and will then divide the remaining stitches for my other digits. I am taking notes so I can make the other glove exactly the same. ( I hope so anyway, my note taking skills leave something to be desired) .  I will be picking up the stitches of each digit and knitting a tiny tube of stockinet,  ending with some seed stitch to keep the tubes from rolling inward. As you can tell , I needed to challenge myself on the knitting front.
Fav. knitting tools , the red and blue thingy is a project holder and the needles are square, light weight metal by Kollage.  
Fingerless glove finished past the thumb.
The same glove with the pinkie stitches on a holder of cotton yarn

Well off to do those exercises that keep me  able to knit and quilt  , 'cause I don't have an ab. zapper .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the farm! Look out world , we are adding a new species to the farm. Chickens in 2012! The coup was made for my husband by his employees ( Whitsel Construction Services ) Over the years it has proven very difficult to surprise the man, but this year we succeeded, although at first Curtis thought we had given him something to decorate the top of the barn. It is now in place on the farm , near my barn/studio so I will be able to keep an eye on the girls from my room. Might have to arm myself with a slingshot to run off any varmints . Wow, I just learned something from Word , I don't think I have ever spelled varmints correctly ! Hopefully 2012 will be a more consistant amount of blogging from the farm. My current knitting project is my next subject , I have spent enough time today figuring out the newest Blogger changes. Happily , the changes make it a bit easier to use! Don't expect any hens in the coup until the spring warm up , the learning curve of chickens is steep enough with out adding frozen water to the mix.
Surprise !

Coup in place on the farm

Lucy likes it !
Belle thinks it's for her !