Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life on the farm has been pretty chill so far this year. I quilted some quilts in January but didn't get any pictures . Hopefully when they get shown at show and tell I will snag a couple of pictures. I just finished up the raffle quilt for Hall County and hopefully will get a picture of it to post. It is difficult for me to take pictures of full sized quilts , and I also got lazy!
 March came in like a Lion but  on the 2nd so does that count ? As in out like a lamb ? Fortunately , my little area of North Georgia was spared most of last night's raging tornadoes and we got 2.5" of rain.
Next on the agenda is weaning calves . We have 24 and we won't wean them all at once. That means most of the rest of March I will have cows and calves mooing their heads off. We do what is called fence line weaning , that means mama can see her baby but not be able to figure out how come it isn't tagging along anymore. We have had calves that stuck their heads thru the fence and nursed anyhow but hopefully that won't be the case this year.
The picture posted is of a bag and wallet I made for myself out of vinyl. I have had that hunk of vinyl for several years and now I know why I kept putting off making anything of it. It would have been easier if I hadn't used fabric to line it with. The fabric added thickness and the vinyl was slick. Oh well. It is water proof so that's a plus.  
Have a great weekend !

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