Friday, September 21, 2012

Jennifer Jangles

hey all , check out the button to the right on my blog , and click on it to go to Jennifer Jangles blog. She has a great giveaway starting today ! I really have to go and check the cows and ride my horse. I told Jennifer the importance of carving out some time for "self" . It is hard to do because we look like we are having so much fun already. Look out Julie and Sugar , one of you is going under saddle by 8.30 , 9 at the latest.

Monday, September 17, 2012

12 and counting

This is Mary Ann Ginger. She looks like someone painted her face with a brush .

 This is Mary Ann and her mama, Ginger.
This is Roman Houdini , he seemed to just appear  in the pasture. lol
He seems to be taking a licking.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taking a Break

Hooray , I actually got some quilting done. The cows are taking a break from calving  so I found some time today  to get my calf and quilt pictures online. This picture is of Sherry's quilt for her nephew , I was inspired to write all over this quilt with the words green, blue , car , truck etc.
I made this table runner for a class I am teaching at Sewcial , Anita Heady's new venture in Athens Ga.
We have 10 calves , not all of them are going to be online but this year I am keeping up with who is who. None of that " oh that's what's her name cow's baby " this year. Right . Check back and see how I am doing on the next 11. This little baby is named Domino by Lyn Leary. She actually wanted to name the last calf Domino but was not able to leave the comment in time. I got an email from Lyn expressing her frustration with Blogger , the same day as this little guy was born!
And we are no longer on a break,
I just found MaryAnn Ginger and Roman Houdini. I swear,  as I heard an ambulance in the distance one of the moms bolted across the pasture to her baby. There is something reasuring that even cow moms worry about their babes. I also see the equivilent behavior from the babies as they dance all over the place with their mothers mooing along behind them.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quilting and farming

Quilting has been sporadic with calves coming and visiting perspective colleges. This piece was just for fun and not a self portrait. I wanted something small and finishable in 2 weeks , I started it on August 12th and sewed down the binding Sept 3rd. Just in the nick of time to take its picture and mail the form off to the Ga Quilt Show. I had fun !!  

 This the 2nd calf born since our Early Bird girl. His name is Solid Vanilla . His mom is Vanilla.
 This is Sunday Twin BullsEye
 I couldn't resist this picture , this is Teddy Bear named after her Teddy Bear Ears ( its a hereford cattle trait ). All I can say is bless her heart.