Friday, September 21, 2012

Jennifer Jangles

hey all , check out the button to the right on my blog , and click on it to go to Jennifer Jangles blog. She has a great giveaway starting today ! I really have to go and check the cows and ride my horse. I told Jennifer the importance of carving out some time for "self" . It is hard to do because we look like we are having so much fun already. Look out Julie and Sugar , one of you is going under saddle by 8.30 , 9 at the latest.


  1. Yeah I did it! It was a short and sweet ride on Sugar .

  2. Good job Amanda, hoping I get some me time today!

  3. Cute as can be! I love to see people interacting with their cows. Thanks for your generous donation to Jennifer Jangles giveaway.