Monday, March 5, 2012

Blustery Sunday

This quilt is the Hall County Quilt Guild's 2012  Raffle quilt. I cut kits and had the members make blocks and Glenda came up to sew with me on day and we whipped that quilt together , borders included! After I finished the quilting ,( I need to get a close up of my design) , I slapped on a binding and Shirley got it photographed for the ticket packs .

Sunday was a Winnie the pooh day for sure. Blustery. My" Too Bee "met at Suzie's . Suzie made us delicious bread and a salad that complimented  Kris' quiche quite well. The  2nd course was a oven roasted turnip and Brussels sprouts vegetable  by Marianne! I made cookies , cark choc oatmeal stuffed with cranberries. Kris sacrificed her knitting and started the sock over. Marianne got her started and things were looking like Kris had found herself a surrogate knitter . YEAH! But no Kris will be slogging on alone past those first few tightly firm rows. Have fun on vacation with Paula, Regina  and kids . Cindy showed us her cool hats , that girl had some talent hidden up in there some where . Ask her to show you her little pink bag with teeth buttons ! Those hats and bags all look cool. Suzie , do you want to try and meet on day this week and knit on your cuffs ? Rachel has tennis a couple of times this week and if I am already in town I have to find some way to entertain my self.
Let the bee be here next time on the 18 . Bring a cooler if you want some beef. NOONISH , just let me know if you can't come.
Word of the day
 23 babies and 23 mothers , its like bad karoke