Thursday, June 28, 2012

At last!

This summer life on the farm is easy , all of the calves are gone except for one that will be next year's beef. He is a happy little cow , can you say that about the beef you eat ? We had one heifer who never bred and who managed to escape when we tried to sell her the 1st time , that was when she went from her given name to Crazy Cow. Then, when we vaccinated last fall , we accidently set her free again. Really , they all  look alike at times, but I must admit , I was the one who screamed " no that's not her " and opened the gate. Cows are curious creatures and not always the dumb beasts they are depicted to be in most TV shows and movies. That cow knew we were after her  ever since the day she jumped the board fence   (breaking it in the process and not her legs ) and made her 1st run for freedom. The next crop of calves will come in September , the hay for next winter is in the barn , and we hope for regular summer rain !

I have been slack about taking photos of a couple of quilts I quilted for OP ( other people ) . So , I am picturing a shot of the pillow shams I just made for my Build a Better Log Cabin quilt. I had left over blocks and I made removable pillow shams , using some of the many bed pillows I have accumulated over the years.
 Yeah!! I am finally able to post this blog entry. Google , I am not sure what happened, maybe I did change my password in my sleep. Today, the dialup airwaves are working and I finally managed to reset the password .
Simple pleasures are the best , have you hugged your sewing machine today?