Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy July 5th

Happy July the 5th. I am going to see fireworks in Hoschton Ga. ( no that is not a typo or a sneeze) tomorrow night so it will be a
Happy July the 6th celebration.

I have been inspired to make a bag out of a couple of jelly rolls that were given to me. Sometimes when I can't sleep I sew strips , I knew it was time to go to sleep when I singed the strip sets. Good thing I didn't know what I was going to make . I have had an old bag of my daughters in my studio for years thinking to use it for a bag pattern. I had to reduce the size of the bag , and I learned a lot ripping it apart. I would rather do this than buy a pattern and have to read instructions.  Plus then I can add pockets and dividers to suit my whims. I cut the strip sets into 1.5" sections and made a sort of a bargello pattern.
Then because it was kinda plain , I cut out the birdie and fused it and a branch to each side of the bag. I hope to work on quilting it some more this afternoon . New Note to self , take all photos as I want them see, Blogger seems to like to flip the photos back to their original orientation.

Make something today !