Friday, November 23, 2012

Support Small Business this Christmas

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There was an artist sale in Danielsville ,2 weeks  ago and I had a booth. There was not much room to display the quilts and traffic was low. It did at least make me look hard at what I do have to sell an price it. My goal in 2013 is to get an Etsy Shop set up. I am hoping to teach some classes both at Wild Child Art and Quilt Shop in Watkinsville. There is a tentative Fabric Dyeing class there on Jan 19th. Anita Heady's place off of Tracy Street is another favorite place of mine. I have a fun class , 3 QUILTS FROM 3 YARDS that makes 3 crib sized baby quilts in a flash.
 This is a 70 x60 totally flannel quilt . It is a derivation of the One Nation Block.
and I call this quilt Flannel Nation.  $500.00 
 Small year 'round ornaments , made from hand dyed fabric $3.00 each 
 Small Zippered Bags made from a small hand dyed quilt top. $9.00 
 Baby Quilts $35 each
 Wall Hanging of hand dyed fabric $65
 Wall Quilt of hand dyed trapunto $45
 Table Runner $58
 Table Runner $38
 Table Runner $55
 Celtic Wall Quilt , Hand dyed fabric $125.00
 60x70 pieced quilt $759.00

 Small Hand dyed and stamped bags $6-$8 
 Merry Christmas Wreath 30" square $65.00 
 30" square wall quilt , hand dyed fabric and Celtic Knotwork 
 Small Baby Quilt (Flannel) $38.00

 Full or Twin Sized Quilt. All hand dyed fabric $900.00

 Log Cabin Twin $700
 Small Zippered Quilt Bags $9.00
 Contact me for more pictures and for shipping costs. 
Happy Shopping to one and all!