Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rail Fences Possibilities

Jan. 9th I will be teaching a beginner quilt class at the Lyndon House in Athens Ga. 
Interested ? 
The 2 rail fence settings here use fewer rail fence blocks and have a more modern twist. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cool little tutorial

Hats off to folks who post excellent crafting tutorials. They take  a lot of patience and attention to detail to produce. I can't recall my path to this one but at 1st glance I could see endless possibilities. I have some deep seated need to not only make the items as published but to make them mini and (hopefully) make them large. So you should expect a 12 gallon trash can sized triangle box one day. Maybe not that big , but I think the sides offer an excellent place to show off a variety of techniques ; stamping , machine quilting , paint stick designs , beading and more. 
I love the name of the blog too,  Needing Things 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beginning Quilt Class offered at Lyndon House Art Center

I am very excited to announce I will be teaching a beginning quilt class at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens Ga starting January 9th 2014. My offering is a simple rail fence for folks to dip their proverbial toe in the quilting waters. I have been toying around with the idea of making a modern quilt.  I am intrigued with the concept of blank space in a quilt , as I am an avid machine quilter. I am excited about quilting designs to fill in the blank space. I have to admit making a quilt with fewer blocks makes me happy too! I will be making a traditional version as well and will feature different colorings and layouts in future blog posts. I now believe in quilting karma after finding the exact color choices I had been playing with in my quilting program , in a new line of fabric I found recently at Uncommon Thread. 
Check back later for a picture of the fabric line . 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Down to the last 5

September passed in a blur. I am posting a few of the baby calf pictures. So far so good , all 15 are alive and well. If the last 5 would all arrive on the same day and put an end to my twice a day cow checking I could get a little more quilting done. So far this cow season , I have had the veterinarian out twice and one cow hid her baby from us for over a week. Thankful  ( my favorite pet cow) is on permanent relocation to the barn paddock 'cause her feet are cracked . The summer rain was very hard on cow feet. Occasionally she has had company ; Paoli who got so enormously fat she had to be in the paddock until she slimmed down and literally took a load off. Paoli's daughter, Curly Buck was similarly confined for a while but both of them have had their babies and are back on pasture. I noted this year that 2 cows clued me in on their eminent deliveries. Not in the customary way of increasing udder size or a sudden ''hanging low appearance ". Instead I noticed them hustling across the pasture toward other cow's babies and mooing at them in what can only be described in a longing way. Both calved in less than 12 hours. That behavior and watching every mama cow,  with very worried countenance, running along after their baby as they dance , buck and run , makes me know why I don't mind checking cows  twice , if not three or four times a day during calving season.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cows , Cows Cows

Black Eyed Suzy 's baby of indeterminate sex, has been living in the way back hillside pasture for a week . Suzie is nutty cow who is hiding her baby from us , coming back and forth ,  through a broken fence. She came home when she needed to lick the salt block and I assumed the baby was dead until my husband snuck up on the cow tonight , 
calmly nursing her Friday the 13th baby. 
Another baby was born last night to Ila ,  a red cow ,  her baby is fine , albeit not photographed yet. 
Another red cow , Curly Buck got her fat self put in the barn paddock . She is so fat , she is prolapsed a bit. ( Google it,  if you think you really want to know. ) 
Thankful , a black cow,  is in the same paddock , again fat and has hoof issues.
 I  could call it a diet paddock. 
Pictures of cute babies tomorrow . 
I promise,  no gross pics of  prolapsed cow patooties.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Build a Better Log Cabin Quilt

               Crooked Pine Quilts  , aka Amanda Whitsel, quilter by day , farmer 24/7
I donated this quilt to the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild in Athens Ga. I have been a member since 1996. The guild bi-annual quilt show this past spring was not the usual money maker , mother nature drenched us that cold spring weekend. Hopefully I will be able to let you all know where this quilt will be being raffled . I know there was talk at the meeting about the raffle starting at the North Ga. Folk Festival on October 5th. 

 news  about Crooked Pine Quilts : Everyone is an artist , come learn from me and tap into your creative side.

Teaching at  Sewcial and at the Farm. 

September 19 Fat Quarter Bag Class at Sewcial Studios : Make a bag from a fat quarter and be able to make a bag to fit any size need. 

September 21 Sunburst Quilt Class at Sewcial Studios , Anita Heady's place on Tracy Street Athens Ga. 706-247-6143. This is a folded fabric technique that can be used in many different sorts of blocks , variation of the size of squares used gives a totally different look.

September 26th 10 minute Quilt Class at Crooked Pine Farm 706-318-2334

Future plans of Crooked Pine Quilts include but are not limited to : Starting in October 2013

Each week , Tuesday will be Class Day at the farm , except for the 2nd Tuesday .

The 2nd Saturday of each month will be class Saturday .

All classes at the farm are subject to change , sorry , cows win out over quilting.

 Crooked Pine Quilts on Facebook and Amanda Whitsel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Quilt On, and on , and on.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor in real life

I am happy  to say we had a Labor Day calf and it's a girl. She walked up to me and said hi where is your new phone ?  That would have made a better picture. I walked back and got my phone and she , exhausted from her less than 24 hours of life , wouldn't budge. Labor Day Baby is on Facebook. Check her out ! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quilt Education 2

Welcome to the 2nd in a series of posts about placing a value on our quilts, to review the first click  

 First off, let's establish that all quilts are priceless in sentimental value , today we are concerned with intrinsic value. Sort of, how many beads would the Indians trade me for my quilt. Every quilter should be concerned with placing a value on their quilts if only for the sake of educating the recipients. Think of it this way , dissolving into tears when the kids use  their new Christmas quilts as a landing pad for the grandkids new slide, just isn't productive. 
Bite your tongue , of course you love the grandkids more than your quilt , right ? 

Today, I landed on a web page called Giving Quilts. My 1st thought was, this will be about charity quilts. On further inspection, this is a web page where individual quilt block are purchased for $35 -$45 per block. Each block is somehow printed with a personalized message. A 37.5" x 46" quilt adds up to $700 . These are not pieced blocks , they are a solid piece of fabric with heartfelt messages , sewn row by row, with sashing in between. 

So if the same logic is applied to the quilt under the slide , it is worth at least that much. "2 Fabric Quilts" are an "easy quilt" pattern using 6 yards of fabric ( $12 a yard at a quilt shop as that is where you plan to replace that stash fabric you used in the quilt ). The fabric was cut by hand ( I hope the Giving Quilt folks have a die cut machine ) and a Longarm quilter charged $75-$125 
to custom stitch the quilt. 

Even if you never intend to sell your creations, in order for our loved ones to value our gifts , we must first value them ourselves and then gently educate our offspring. 

Kudos to the folks at Giving Quilts , fantastic idea. 
Quilt on ! And in my case , on and on and on...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You never know

I am never sure where I will end up when I begin exploring a new technique. 
If something really catches my interest, it assuredly has more applications 
 than those the author had room to print. 
In this example , the author used squares of fabric all of the same size,  
and a 4 patch as the center. 
 In the book 10 Minute Quilt Blocks,  the author uses fabric square of
 different sizes to achieve this look.

These next 2 examples are Starburst quilt blocks from from the 10 Minute Quilt Block 2 book. 

 This is an example of how much a striped fabric can easily add interest to this technique. 
Wednesday , August 21st is the next class on this technique . If you come and learn with me,  you only have to bring the book. Click here to view my studio
If your larger group want to learn a great technique and create a quilt for Community Service , the quilt made in my workshops this year are going to the host families at Eagle Ranch.  
Everyone must have a copy of either book , and bring 5 fabric to make a block to keep. The blocks are huge , one would be a sensational pillow. 
A traditional class of the more complicated Starburst Quilt is being offered at 

Next Class at the farm September 26th 

Lets get busy quilting .

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Next class offering August 21st

Group Quilt Class 
 I will be providing the fabric and the end product will be a charity quilt for Eagle Ranch. 
I have 3 sewing machines and all the tools. Think of it as a way to try quilting before buying all that lovely stuff. 

The class is $30 ( 4 hours) 
10am to 2pm 
or 5pm - 9pm 

I will be happy to arrange this class around your free time too. 

Please purchase the book before class. 

Bring 5 fat quarters to make a block to take home. 

This class is also available for any group or organization . 
If your group is new to quilting I would be happy to help with suggestions of the necessary tools. 

Check out the listing for the class on  Facebook 

Monday, July 29, 2013

1st ever video

I wanted to post a picture of the sample block I made for my July 31st , 10 Minute Quilt Block class. but the batteries are kaput in the camera. 
So, here is the 1st ever video, shot in the Crooked Pine Studio.

Joni Mitchell was playing in the background so if you hear anything odd blame it on her.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 Minute Quilt Block Class July 31st at the Farm

 July 31st 2013
9am -1pm 
2pm -6pm 
7pm -11pm 
(earlier if 2pm -6pm  slot doesn't make )  
( the cows go to bed at dark but if its full moon we can still see them ) 

To launch my 2013 classes I am offering this class at the farm. 

Get away to an idyllic farm setting with cozy cows and horses. 
This class is different , I will be providing the fabric and the end product will be a charity quilt. I have 2 sewing machines and can rent some if needed. I have all the tools. Think of it as try it ( quilting ) before I buy all that lovely stuff. 
Class is $30 ( 4 hours) plus a kit fee so you can make one block to make into a pillow. 
Subsequent classes on assembling and quilting can be scheduled. 

This class is also available for any group or organization . 
If your group is new to quilting I would be happy to help with suggestions of the necessary tools. 
I saw the book on Amazon along with her next book 10 Minute Block 2 

These are samples of my quilts , more to follow. 

Contact information 
Amanda Whitsel 
893 Buford Carey FR
Hull Ga 30646 
706-318-2334 ( I just love deviling telemarketers so beware! )  
Tentative next class date August 21st 
Saturdays and Sunday classes can be scheduled with 2 -6 people as well any evening 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas Wreath Auction

Christmas Wreath Quilt by Amanda Whitsel of Crooked Pine Quilts , Hull Ga. 30x30  This beautiful, everlasting wreath has a sleeve for hanging on the back or can be displayed flat on a small table. The intricate piecing and freehand machine stitching make this a truly unique piece .
Value $275
Thanks to Jon for all his time coaching my daughter at ACS tennis

header image

Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilt Education

How do we value something that is made by our own hands or the hands of others. Sometimes we say " I won't pay that much , I could make it myself , cheaper " .
Ah, the crux of the problem. How much ( $) value do we place on time spent creating.  $20 , $30 an hour , or should we be satisfied with the satisfaction of the accomplishment?
 ( Yes, I may be making up words but after all, Webster had to get his ideas someplace).

A very accomplished, artistic woman, Sam Hunter,  recently published 2 articles online about this subject. I have used her formula for deriving a worth for a few of my quilts. Over the years, I have sold quilts for what I knew were  low ball prices. Sam Hunter of Hunter Design Studio makes the argument for valuing the quilt for what it would truly cost to make , using current cloth prices , and the correct pay scale per hour of work.
Click to see Sam's Web Page 

 Random Wink 
This a quilt I made in " 2 weeks" . Of course I slept , ate etc. I wanted to enter a quilt show and that is how much time 'till deadline. I used the formula Sam has derived and came up with $450. For a 12''x12 '' quilt. Is anyone going to pay $450 , no 'cause I am not famous. Doesn't matter. That is an honest price for the amount of work I put into it. App. 20 hours , $150.00  at minimum wage. I have spent years honing my craft. Is $300 a week a living wage ? No. Let's go back to that 2 weeks I took to make the quilt. Let's say  I make $300 a week salaried. So , $600. I didn't get that price either. Ultimately, we each decide what will we do with all the quilts piling up around . I agree with Sam that no matter what amount we accept for a quilt , $450, $600 or $75 ,that price should include an education.

More on this subject to follow.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Quilting In May

I love all the beautiful gray fabric that is showing up in quilts theses days. This is Laurie's quilt and I love the design. I thought it was the perfect place to quilt ribbon curls as seen  this U Tube video. 

I have some more quilt done but no pictures yet. I made quilts for my daughter and her 3 BF's for graduation and will hopefully post some pictures of them at the park when we have a picnic later today. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

April Showers

as the expression goes , when it rains it pours. April is often like that here on the Crooked Pine Farm. The storm later today promises to knock off a few flowers so  I snapped a couple of photo's . 

 A day may be  gray , if you are close enough to a flower who cares. 
 It is a strange April when the yard has azaleas and gerber daisy's blooming at the same time 
 April is a month of special birthdays , and this one was a major one for DD Rachel. I surprised her on her BD by driving her 2 BF's to Hiawassee Ga for her tennis match and then dinner out after we froze to death watching her match. We concluded tennis season yesterday in 83 degrees and a lovely celebration with the family of the players at Bishop park. 
 As the expression goes "my cup runneth over" with quilts from my mother in law. When she passed she left behind stacks of quilts that we have shared with family . What a perfect epitaph. 
 Tonight is Athens Christians Spring Production of The Sound Of Music. For anyone who know the school , knows this is a huge turn of events. Baptists playing nuns , you never know what April may turn up with next. 

 Have a great day , that is the best revenge. 
 Peace soon , Boston. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jeannette Rankin Charity Quilt

This is the quilt I quilted for the Jeannette Rankin Foundation

My friend Judy donated a huge box of  half square triangles and she and Shirley volunteered to help the group sew them into this gorgeous quilt.  I met some of the members of the foundation and expressed my amazement in their abilities and in their mission .
Happy St. Patty's Day !

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weaning 2013 or Big Girls do Cry

Cowgirl is looking at her baby , this is called fence line weaning , less stress to mom and baby.

Come a little closer baby.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Down to the last row!

The Hall County raffle quilt is almost done. When I do custom work I go slow , and usually don't spend more than an hour at a time quilting. I am happy with the quilting and hopefully the other members will be as well.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hall County Quilt Guild 2013 Raffle Quilt

This is a picture of Hall County Quilt Guild's next raffle quilt.

With the border being appliqued , custom quilting is best. Below are some pictures of the actual quilt in progress. The quilt is huge , 88x108!

The triangles in the halfsquare blocks are called Terry's Triangles. After I am done with the whole quilt , I will go back and quilt a little in the appliques. That way I can put the gold thread on the machine and quilt them all at once instead of changing threads every few feet.
Tune in next time to see how cool Terry's Triangles look on the Sawtooth stars.
email me for quilting

Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Done

Well so much for good intentions, but I am finally posting a Jan. update. Facebook is just  easier . Plus , I get comments in FB land. The first 2 quilts were completed in 2012. Scroll along to see the my newest project.
 This is a quilt finished in 2012 , it is a gift so no mention of who(m?) gets it. It was paper pieced from strips from an exchange of 3" strips my guild did about 3 years ago. When I take it to show and tell I bet I am one of the only participants who has used their strips.
 This is a 3-d Bowtie Block . I am very into 3-D in quilts but not so much in movies .
Check out the instructions at Delaware Quilts.
 This is called a 2 Fabric Quilt and it fabulously easy and fun to make. The squares are 8" and the strips are 2.5".
This is a Fons and Porter design and I loved it so much I didn't change a thing about the design, rare for me. Right now it is hanging out on the design wall of a friend. I hope to get the top sewn this week.
Coming attractions
All my For sale items for the Cotton Patch Quilt Show in March!