Monday, July 29, 2013

1st ever video

I wanted to post a picture of the sample block I made for my July 31st , 10 Minute Quilt Block class. but the batteries are kaput in the camera. 
So, here is the 1st ever video, shot in the Crooked Pine Studio.

Joni Mitchell was playing in the background so if you hear anything odd blame it on her.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 Minute Quilt Block Class July 31st at the Farm

 July 31st 2013
9am -1pm 
2pm -6pm 
7pm -11pm 
(earlier if 2pm -6pm  slot doesn't make )  
( the cows go to bed at dark but if its full moon we can still see them ) 

To launch my 2013 classes I am offering this class at the farm. 

Get away to an idyllic farm setting with cozy cows and horses. 
This class is different , I will be providing the fabric and the end product will be a charity quilt. I have 2 sewing machines and can rent some if needed. I have all the tools. Think of it as try it ( quilting ) before I buy all that lovely stuff. 
Class is $30 ( 4 hours) plus a kit fee so you can make one block to make into a pillow. 
Subsequent classes on assembling and quilting can be scheduled. 

This class is also available for any group or organization . 
If your group is new to quilting I would be happy to help with suggestions of the necessary tools. 
I saw the book on Amazon along with her next book 10 Minute Block 2 

These are samples of my quilts , more to follow. 

Contact information 
Amanda Whitsel 
893 Buford Carey FR
Hull Ga 30646 
706-318-2334 ( I just love deviling telemarketers so beware! )  
Tentative next class date August 21st 
Saturdays and Sunday classes can be scheduled with 2 -6 people as well any evening 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas Wreath Auction

Christmas Wreath Quilt by Amanda Whitsel of Crooked Pine Quilts , Hull Ga. 30x30  This beautiful, everlasting wreath has a sleeve for hanging on the back or can be displayed flat on a small table. The intricate piecing and freehand machine stitching make this a truly unique piece .
Value $275
Thanks to Jon for all his time coaching my daughter at ACS tennis

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilt Education

How do we value something that is made by our own hands or the hands of others. Sometimes we say " I won't pay that much , I could make it myself , cheaper " .
Ah, the crux of the problem. How much ( $) value do we place on time spent creating.  $20 , $30 an hour , or should we be satisfied with the satisfaction of the accomplishment?
 ( Yes, I may be making up words but after all, Webster had to get his ideas someplace).

A very accomplished, artistic woman, Sam Hunter,  recently published 2 articles online about this subject. I have used her formula for deriving a worth for a few of my quilts. Over the years, I have sold quilts for what I knew were  low ball prices. Sam Hunter of Hunter Design Studio makes the argument for valuing the quilt for what it would truly cost to make , using current cloth prices , and the correct pay scale per hour of work.
Click to see Sam's Web Page 

 Random Wink 
This a quilt I made in " 2 weeks" . Of course I slept , ate etc. I wanted to enter a quilt show and that is how much time 'till deadline. I used the formula Sam has derived and came up with $450. For a 12''x12 '' quilt. Is anyone going to pay $450 , no 'cause I am not famous. Doesn't matter. That is an honest price for the amount of work I put into it. App. 20 hours , $150.00  at minimum wage. I have spent years honing my craft. Is $300 a week a living wage ? No. Let's go back to that 2 weeks I took to make the quilt. Let's say  I make $300 a week salaried. So , $600. I didn't get that price either. Ultimately, we each decide what will we do with all the quilts piling up around . I agree with Sam that no matter what amount we accept for a quilt , $450, $600 or $75 ,that price should include an education.

More on this subject to follow.