Friday, August 30, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quilt Education 2

Welcome to the 2nd in a series of posts about placing a value on our quilts, to review the first click  

 First off, let's establish that all quilts are priceless in sentimental value , today we are concerned with intrinsic value. Sort of, how many beads would the Indians trade me for my quilt. Every quilter should be concerned with placing a value on their quilts if only for the sake of educating the recipients. Think of it this way , dissolving into tears when the kids use  their new Christmas quilts as a landing pad for the grandkids new slide, just isn't productive. 
Bite your tongue , of course you love the grandkids more than your quilt , right ? 

Today, I landed on a web page called Giving Quilts. My 1st thought was, this will be about charity quilts. On further inspection, this is a web page where individual quilt block are purchased for $35 -$45 per block. Each block is somehow printed with a personalized message. A 37.5" x 46" quilt adds up to $700 . These are not pieced blocks , they are a solid piece of fabric with heartfelt messages , sewn row by row, with sashing in between. 

So if the same logic is applied to the quilt under the slide , it is worth at least that much. "2 Fabric Quilts" are an "easy quilt" pattern using 6 yards of fabric ( $12 a yard at a quilt shop as that is where you plan to replace that stash fabric you used in the quilt ). The fabric was cut by hand ( I hope the Giving Quilt folks have a die cut machine ) and a Longarm quilter charged $75-$125 
to custom stitch the quilt. 

Even if you never intend to sell your creations, in order for our loved ones to value our gifts , we must first value them ourselves and then gently educate our offspring. 

Kudos to the folks at Giving Quilts , fantastic idea. 
Quilt on ! And in my case , on and on and on...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You never know

I am never sure where I will end up when I begin exploring a new technique. 
If something really catches my interest, it assuredly has more applications 
 than those the author had room to print. 
In this example , the author used squares of fabric all of the same size,  
and a 4 patch as the center. 
 In the book 10 Minute Quilt Blocks,  the author uses fabric square of
 different sizes to achieve this look.

These next 2 examples are Starburst quilt blocks from from the 10 Minute Quilt Block 2 book. 

 This is an example of how much a striped fabric can easily add interest to this technique. 
Wednesday , August 21st is the next class on this technique . If you come and learn with me,  you only have to bring the book. Click here to view my studio
If your larger group want to learn a great technique and create a quilt for Community Service , the quilt made in my workshops this year are going to the host families at Eagle Ranch.  
Everyone must have a copy of either book , and bring 5 fabric to make a block to keep. The blocks are huge , one would be a sensational pillow. 
A traditional class of the more complicated Starburst Quilt is being offered at 

Next Class at the farm September 26th 

Lets get busy quilting .

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Next class offering August 21st

Group Quilt Class 
 I will be providing the fabric and the end product will be a charity quilt for Eagle Ranch. 
I have 3 sewing machines and all the tools. Think of it as a way to try quilting before buying all that lovely stuff. 

The class is $30 ( 4 hours) 
10am to 2pm 
or 5pm - 9pm 

I will be happy to arrange this class around your free time too. 

Please purchase the book before class. 

Bring 5 fat quarters to make a block to take home. 

This class is also available for any group or organization . 
If your group is new to quilting I would be happy to help with suggestions of the necessary tools. 

Check out the listing for the class on  Facebook