Friday, September 20, 2013

Cows , Cows Cows

Black Eyed Suzy 's baby of indeterminate sex, has been living in the way back hillside pasture for a week . Suzie is nutty cow who is hiding her baby from us , coming back and forth ,  through a broken fence. She came home when she needed to lick the salt block and I assumed the baby was dead until my husband snuck up on the cow tonight , 
calmly nursing her Friday the 13th baby. 
Another baby was born last night to Ila ,  a red cow ,  her baby is fine , albeit not photographed yet. 
Another red cow , Curly Buck got her fat self put in the barn paddock . She is so fat , she is prolapsed a bit. ( Google it,  if you think you really want to know. ) 
Thankful , a black cow,  is in the same paddock , again fat and has hoof issues.
 I  could call it a diet paddock. 
Pictures of cute babies tomorrow . 
I promise,  no gross pics of  prolapsed cow patooties.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Build a Better Log Cabin Quilt

               Crooked Pine Quilts  , aka Amanda Whitsel, quilter by day , farmer 24/7
I donated this quilt to the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild in Athens Ga. I have been a member since 1996. The guild bi-annual quilt show this past spring was not the usual money maker , mother nature drenched us that cold spring weekend. Hopefully I will be able to let you all know where this quilt will be being raffled . I know there was talk at the meeting about the raffle starting at the North Ga. Folk Festival on October 5th. 

 news  about Crooked Pine Quilts : Everyone is an artist , come learn from me and tap into your creative side.

Teaching at  Sewcial and at the Farm. 

September 19 Fat Quarter Bag Class at Sewcial Studios : Make a bag from a fat quarter and be able to make a bag to fit any size need. 

September 21 Sunburst Quilt Class at Sewcial Studios , Anita Heady's place on Tracy Street Athens Ga. 706-247-6143. This is a folded fabric technique that can be used in many different sorts of blocks , variation of the size of squares used gives a totally different look.

September 26th 10 minute Quilt Class at Crooked Pine Farm 706-318-2334

Future plans of Crooked Pine Quilts include but are not limited to : Starting in October 2013

Each week , Tuesday will be Class Day at the farm , except for the 2nd Tuesday .

The 2nd Saturday of each month will be class Saturday .

All classes at the farm are subject to change , sorry , cows win out over quilting.

 Crooked Pine Quilts on Facebook and Amanda Whitsel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Quilt On, and on , and on.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor in real life

I am happy  to say we had a Labor Day calf and it's a girl. She walked up to me and said hi where is your new phone ?  That would have made a better picture. I walked back and got my phone and she , exhausted from her less than 24 hours of life , wouldn't budge. Labor Day Baby is on Facebook. Check her out !