Friday, September 20, 2013

Cows , Cows Cows

Black Eyed Suzy 's baby of indeterminate sex, has been living in the way back hillside pasture for a week . Suzie is nutty cow who is hiding her baby from us , coming back and forth ,  through a broken fence. She came home when she needed to lick the salt block and I assumed the baby was dead until my husband snuck up on the cow tonight , 
calmly nursing her Friday the 13th baby. 
Another baby was born last night to Ila ,  a red cow ,  her baby is fine , albeit not photographed yet. 
Another red cow , Curly Buck got her fat self put in the barn paddock . She is so fat , she is prolapsed a bit. ( Google it,  if you think you really want to know. ) 
Thankful , a black cow,  is in the same paddock , again fat and has hoof issues.
 I  could call it a diet paddock. 
Pictures of cute babies tomorrow . 
I promise,  no gross pics of  prolapsed cow patooties.