Thursday, October 3, 2013

Down to the last 5

September passed in a blur. I am posting a few of the baby calf pictures. So far so good , all 15 are alive and well. If the last 5 would all arrive on the same day and put an end to my twice a day cow checking I could get a little more quilting done. So far this cow season , I have had the veterinarian out twice and one cow hid her baby from us for over a week. Thankful  ( my favorite pet cow) is on permanent relocation to the barn paddock 'cause her feet are cracked . The summer rain was very hard on cow feet. Occasionally she has had company ; Paoli who got so enormously fat she had to be in the paddock until she slimmed down and literally took a load off. Paoli's daughter, Curly Buck was similarly confined for a while but both of them have had their babies and are back on pasture. I noted this year that 2 cows clued me in on their eminent deliveries. Not in the customary way of increasing udder size or a sudden ''hanging low appearance ". Instead I noticed them hustling across the pasture toward other cow's babies and mooing at them in what can only be described in a longing way. Both calved in less than 12 hours. That behavior and watching every mama cow,  with very worried countenance, running along after their baby as they dance , buck and run , makes me know why I don't mind checking cows  twice , if not three or four times a day during calving season.