Saturday, March 8, 2014

Eagle Ranch Quilts

When I joined my 1st quilt guild in '96 I had no idea I was going to find my charitable niche as well as a lifelong passion. I admire those who devote hours of service helping victims of floods , those who build houses for humanity. I will admit , spending 20 hours on a quilt and giving it away isn't always easy. Many times I have to make a new quilt because an attachment has formed with ones who languish in my studio for too long. 
My largest Charitable project by far is underway. My plan is to make a throw sized quilt for each of the families who live in the Eagle Ranch children's homes. I toured last June and realised these  people  devote a year or more of their lives , in a group home with 12 kids plus their own! My quilt guild makes sure each kid who comes to the Ranch gets a quilt. I have at least 10  to finish and am enlisting Hall County Quilt guilds project day to help me. Right now I only have one picture to show but I have 3 quilted and 4 more in various stages of piecing. 

Thanks for coming by!