Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quilt in a day ? Progress Report May 18th

I bought 3  fabrics, 1 yard each, for Coleman a quilt. He likes race cars , green and brown. I compromised with yellow. I played in EQ 6 to help me decide how much to buy for my " 2 color quilt " that is now 3 .  
 I cut my squares 8.5" and decided to float the blocks instead of lining them up. 
 I cut the brown 8.5x3.5

This is the unit. 

Chaining along. 
Waiting for the iron 
The way the seams are pressed. 
One lay out

Another layout

Sewn together awaiting side borders. 

 This is a portion of the back where I drew the label . Labels are often left off 'cause at the end we are tired and want  be done ! For this label , I cut and pressed a square of freezer paper on the back. Then outlined it from the front and just played with fabric markers. I have a line on some new pens for writing on quilts that I will share later. 

Here is a bit of the quilting. I hope to attach the binding today. 

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