Monday, February 2, 2015

This is Kathie's quilt,  for her daughter who graduated from Ohio State. Usually I just totally wing it, writing as I stitch. Call it a New Years resolution , something I should have always done , or just a darn good idea , but this time I decided to plan out the placement of the words . 

 Usually, I stop and write out each word I choose on scrap paper , holding my pen like a stylus , not a pencil. This most emulates the way the machine does the stitching.  This time I will have an idea of where the words can go and will trace the outline with a pencil to get it into my mind .

This is the practice piece , perfecting tension and practicing the words. This is where I use up bobbins with short runs of thread. 

 I plan to share this whole process , including the price. I asked a fellow quilter to share a ballpark figure charged for custom quilting and never received a reply. No big surprise and certainly a prerogative. This blog series is my way of saying it was OK to ask. 

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