Friday, April 17, 2015

No pics only hot air

Not long ago, I posted that most blogs are content and no pictures. I fall into this category today, as I am up to my ears in calving season and can't do pictures. 

A few blogs ago I blogged ( hot air ) about buying fabric online.  The questions asked when ordering fabric  boggle the mind. Maybe there has been a run on the fabric you like , for instance  they only have 3/4 of a yard and you ordered 10 . Maybe you would be happy to add that 3/4ths to your fabric pile. Maybe not. 

Now we come to the hard part.  English is a hard language to learn to speak both for native Americans as well as naturalized.  Then try communicating in a box that allows a limited number of characters. Some web pages , like Intown Quilters in Decatur Ga, have done it right , not leaving it up to chance. They have choices, in a drop down menu , of send what you have , cancel , or contact. I love as well. They're fast and courteous if the order is changed. 

Below is a comment and reply from that piece <So what did you mean, when you said "i will take what you have of the others"? Sounds like your instructions were only to cancel the Mickey fabric, but that you wanted the others sent. I think you may have confused them by adding the last sentence.> Answer  to the instruction from the web page that I didn't put in this article. The context was ,what will you take of any fabric you order? The sentences were written in order , in the same box. I really thought my first sentence "If you are out of Mickey fabric cancel the entire order was clear''. I invite you to read my next installment of this story if you would like.> 

So buyer beware , and shop owners , be courteous
 I was rewarded with a credit to my mastercard , and in case you don't already know, it was the principal of the matter not the $ that mattered. 

Dear Amanda,
Your credit card has been refunded in toto for $7.72.
Sauder's Fabrics

Sew something gorgeous today! 

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