Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 It took longer to finish for many reasons , mostly because I was getting quilts ready for 2 shows. 
It's hard to see the writing on the quilt but it is there! 

 I learned a lot exploring a new approach adding messages in my quilting.
 I also learned a lot about the University of Ohio. Not the least of which is that they have "The best damn band in the land " and they sing "Hang on Sloopy" . 
Usually when the quilting includes messages on the quilt , I add it as I come to the spot designated for the chosen words. This time I actually planned out where and what would go in each place and wrote it out on tissue paper and left it pinned to the quilt as it was loaded on the frame. I discovered that string quilts defy being loaded in the traditional manner , one end of the quilt rolled up neatly, one layer on top of the other, and the other end was all over the place. I usually can fix this as I roll but since a string quilt is made up of small units sewn onto background squares, I couldn't just pull on it . Not a problem , I  laid the quilt  on the frame and basted it at the top as usual then used pins to secure it to the other roll bar. The only issue I had with the quilt piecing was that not all the fabric stings were well pressed so there were places where a lip of fabric kept making my thread break. Once that happens a few times I got a little gun shy and the thread broke because of me. When that happens a coffee break is the only way to go!   All in all I am pleased as punch with this quilt. Next time I won't put the tissue paper on the quilt , I will use safety pins to mark where the words will go.   This quilt was charged out at $175. 
       I am happy to say this quilt, 2 CAts in the Yard ,  was accepted into the Juried Art Show at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens.