Sunday, May 24, 2015

One less move

There is one question I am always asked. How long did that take ? 
Like I want to know , right ? 
The other fav. answer is FOREVER! 
My brain sees shortcuts everywhere. Just drive with me anywhere (;-0 ) and I will take you down a new path. This is my shortcut for cutting half square triangles. For those who stumbled here by accident a half square is a quilting unit  , a square comprised of 2 triangles of fabric , generally half dark and half light , though not always. 
Back to the quilters, if your pattern calls for 600 half squares you may be interested in my "one less move" tutorial. If nothing else , I learned how to made a video with my phone ( yes it's less that 7 seconds) and how to add music to said video. The camera work is thanks to dd , as I am shaky when I am both the camera man and the quilter. 
Next , we have to work on getting my feet out of the scene.

 Trim the 1st edges sparingly , nothing worse than chopping off too much at this stage . 

Sliding move with the ruler. 
Cutting to 2.5" 

One down , 599 to go. jk , I am not making that many. 
Sew Something today !