Sunday, July 17, 2016

Piece and Peace

Happy July 17th 2016


I almost met Carrie Bloomston in 2015 but her devotion to summers off with her kids kept her from coming to Atlanta/Athens to promote her book A Little Spark. This week Carrie blogged about Amy Butler's new book Piece Keeping and the Blog Tour that Carrie participated in by creating the project she is modeling below.  

The rest of the Blog Tour participants work can be seen by clicking on the words Amy Butler  

Some quilting at the farm and at Judy's and some of the 2016 cow crop are pictured below.

Calving started March 18
Patty Cat Cow 

And didn't end until July 16th
Pumpkin Butterfly cow 

Peace be with you. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Michelle's Quilt

Sunday, Fresh from the Farm 

Shocking how difficult it is to get all the planets aligned and post a video here. 
Shocking that Facebook now has a "live feature" 
Look out world pocket dialing just took on new meaning.