Friday, September 23, 2016

the adventures of chickpea" until she raffles off to someone's else's roost

is 23'' by 29''
 This picture taken as a "shameless plug of my business" photo may give a bit of realism to the size. 
Stay tuned for  future photo's with descriptions of how I made Chick. 
Nothing is better than seeing it in person , as it a fiber bird and not a pheasant under glass.
I am quite thankful that in addition to other genetic attributes 
I inherited my funny bone from both my mom and dad.
Below is my mom's dammit doll with Chickpea.  

I will give the dammit doll to whomever buys the most tickets at one time. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Drawing 12/29/16 Tickets $5

Online link to tickets 

      Wall quilt raffle to benefit Wildlife Rehabilitation!

“Chick Pea” was designed and sewn by Amanda Whitsel and is based on my resident Coturnix quail, who provides eggs for the opossums.  Her full name is Lady Frida La Placida Nordbrooke of Kensigntonhamshireville-on Hudson, but that wouldn't fit on the back of this colorful, handcrafted piece.  Set in a handmade frame from reclaimed wood, this would brighten anyone's home!  All proceeds go towards rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife in Madison County, Georgia.
$5 a ticket or
$20 for 4 tickets
You can buy tickets online: (specify chick pea raffle and supply your address) or by check or cash to Suzie DeGrasse or Amanda Whitsel.  
Drawing will be December 29: tickets make a great stocking stuffer

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chickpea is ready to fly!

This quilt started off in my mind's eye as a little yellow chick to raffle for 
Suzie, my friend who is a
State and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator 
(and generally good human).For Suzie's Facebook page click here 
Suzie rescues 'possums, bunnies as well as advice lots and lots of people, via social media, phone, and email.

Recently, Suzie built herself an aviary and I learned that bird rescue is a tricky proposition. When I suggested a yellow chickee she asked
 "Could it maybe be more like wild chicks?’’
The name of the real live Chick at Suzie’s is
 "Lady Frida La Placida Nordbrooke of Kensingtonhamshire-on Hudson"
That wouldn't fit on the back of the quilt but Susie calls her Chickpea for short. Thank goodness, because that name is bigger than the quilt.
Check back later for details about my raffle for saving wildlife in
Madison County Ga one bird at a time.
$5 a ticket or 
$20 for 4 tickets 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shadow Quilts ?

Shadow Quilts ? 

Good grief charlie brown , I am going to post again this fine month , god willing and the creek don't rise.  

Picture a quilt in this empty frame , careful it might start to be a shadow frame! 

A quilt can be framed in so many ways so for the sake of brevity, giggle giggle giggle  I will try and stick to just 2.    
If your goal is to save a thick quilt my advice is to use a shadow frame. Thinner quilts can work in both , it's totally up to the framer. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Harry Dogs and Harry Potter : both make me happy

Harry Dogs and Harry Potter : both make me happy said Amanda . Proof : 

Harry Potter needs no picture , correct ? 

lets talk a wee bit more about other ways to think about the hairy. 

the lovely girl in the photo above is named ? and she makes enough hair to be almost an honorary hairy bulldog.

So to end here,as I need to , could hairy belle ever be red ?