Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Everyone has a quilt story!

I love that more often that not , when  I engage in conversation, most likely I will get to hear a quilt story. Some watched a much loved family member making a quilt. Others started a quilt in college or when a baby was on the way. I have made a lot of quilts , given them away , sold some , and finished some for both other quilters and just regular folk that want to save a family heirloom. 
Someday, I hope to meet the artist named Carrie Bloomston . Her vision of telling one's story is one I embrace and am determined to share with one and all. Every person has a story and most story's have a quilt in them , if not as leading lady than as a very important extra. If you love quilts and live around Danielsville Ga ( a suburb , giggle, of Athens, Ga. ) bring a quilt or just come and look. I plan to be sewing , on a quilt of course. 
Sew Something y'all !!!