Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chickpea is ready to fly!

This quilt started off in my mind's eye as a little yellow chick to raffle for 
Suzie, my friend who is a
State and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator 
(and generally good human).For Suzie's Facebook page click here 
Suzie rescues 'possums, bunnies as well as advice lots and lots of people, via social media, phone, and email.

Recently, Suzie built herself an aviary and I learned that bird rescue is a tricky proposition. When I suggested a yellow chickee she asked
 "Could it maybe be more like wild chicks?’’
The name of the real live Chick at Suzie’s is
 "Lady Frida La Placida Nordbrooke of Kensingtonhamshire-on Hudson"
That wouldn't fit on the back of the quilt but Susie calls her Chickpea for short. Thank goodness, because that name is bigger than the quilt.
Check back later for details about my raffle for saving wildlife in
Madison County Ga one bird at a time.
$5 a ticket or 
$20 for 4 tickets